Women’s  Pregnancy Center offers sexually-transmitted disease (STD) education.  For a person considering an abortion, knowing whether or not you have a sexually-transmitted infection (STI), also called a sexually-transmitted disease (STD), is important to ensuring you do not risk further infection due to an abortion. If you are sexually-active, you should be tested for a sexually-transmitted infection regularly. All of the services we provide are confidential and free of charge. Contact us today for more information.



Hours vary and are dependent upon volunteer availability.

Please call (979) 245-9900 to schedule pregnancy testing.

Pregnancy Testing and Classes are available in English and Spanish on Mondays.

Pregnancy Testing Daytime:
9 am – 12 pm, Monday through Thursday
Testing Evening:
5 pm – 6:30 pm Monday & Tuesday
Testing 9 am – Noon
Maternity Mondays Class for 1st & 2nd Trimester of pregnancy at 9 am